New Year’s Eve Party Styles Around The World

es, yes, I know that it is quite late for an article about New Year’s Eve. But since we are still on the month of January and we still have a hangover of the celebration, why don’t we discuss some of the global scenes or hot spots that celebrate the bombastic New Year’s Eve in style—shall we? With this momentous occasion marking the end of the whole 12 months and the beginning and promise of another, with this comes resolutions and kicking bad habits.

But it’s really entirely up to you to make those New Year’s resolutions or not, but with every 12 months coming to a close, it’s always nice and fun to celebrate this festive season. And while we’re at it, let’s take a peek at the world’s hottest parties celebrating New Year’s Eve.

So, you might want to experience New Year's Eve for a change—that is relaxing in style and luxury. Then you may want to check out Land Down Under—the Sydney New Year’s Eve cruise on the harbor. Well, if you’re tired of being land based and for a change wants to relax on the deck as the fireworks brighten up the sky, then make sure that you have an early reservation since luxury cruises and airfares fill up fast during holiday seasons.

Yes, it’s worth it since they even provide some world-class orchestra guaranteed to fulfill your holiday listening pleasure to the max. If you’re a tourist in London, well then, the Trafalgar Square is the popular place to be. Nevertheless, party settings sell out like hotcakes, but that’s not to say that you just can’t have your hands on the great deals at some of the fabulous hotels in London hosting New Year’s Eve bash.

But if you really want to witness some fantastic fireworks, then be ready to situate yourself at the London Eye’s splendid fireworks display. Prepare yourself to be literally rubbing elbows with some of your fellow party animals since it was estimated last 2008 that roughly about 150,000 people were there.

And of course, almost everyone is already familiar with New York City’s New Year’s Eve celebration. Absolutely, the Big Apple is internationally known for throwing its exciting annual Time Square fête. The festive night is overflowing with glamorous celebs, famous bands and who’s who in the entertainment scene. So, if you’re planning to spend your New Year’s Eve there, be sure to arrive early to get that prime spot.

However, if traveling is out of the question due to financial reasons, well, you can still relax and enjoy the event—at the comforts of your own home, that is. As they say, there’s still no place like home. Being around your family is always a great time to make merry and rejoice during New Year’s Eve.

It doesn’t matter where the place is, as long as you have the people around you that matters in your life--your family and friends to add cheer to the season. Bring on the fireworks, everyone---Happy New Year of the Ox!